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Update On P&L

P&L Update

Update on P&L 06/02/2014

Last 4 tips all big prices but sadly no winners. Will try and get back on track soon with a winner !!

10 Tips this year

3 Winners

30% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L = £4.30

Level Stakes to £1 = £2.55 

P&L Update

P&L Update

Update on P&L 06/02/2014

6 Tips this year

3 Winners

50% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L = £8.30

Level Stakes to £1 = £6.55 


Haven’t put as many tips up this year but once again have shown a nice profit better than any interest rate on the high street. 

Just like to wish all my followers a happy Xmas and a great new year and lets hope we can all find plenty of winners in 2014

P&L Update

Update on P&L 24/12/2013

30 Tips this year

15 Winners

50% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L +16.85

Level Stakes to £1 = + £20.70

P&L Update

Update on P&L 17/10/2013

28 Tips this year

13 Winners

46.4% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L +12.60

Level Stakes to £1 = + £16.45

Update on P&L 23/09/2013

Update on P&L 2013

24 Tips this year


24 Tips

12   Winners

50% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L +13.10

Level Stakes to £1 = + £16.95

Update on P&L 2013

16 Tips this year 


16 Tips

8   Winners

50% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L +15.20

Level Stakes to £1 = + £15.65

Update on P&L after derby bets

Well it wasn’t meant to be this year. Still getting a nice 50/1 shot to the final isn’t to bad, I actually think we were very unlucky not to get more but bad draws along the way put pay to that.

We ended up losing 3.25pts this year on the derby if you played the advised points

Update On P&L

13 Tips this year 


13 Tips

7 Winners

53% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L +14.50

Level Stakes to £1 = + £17.75

The end is near for my ante post selections

I just thought I would give a quick write up regarding the status off my 4 remaining ante post selections, I do fear tonight that we may only get one through in Screen Critic the best we can hope for is Ballymac Vic and Droopys Jet to come together then pilot or moses picking up the pieces but looks very unlikely

The Greyhound Derby 2013 Selections

Greyhound Derby 2013

Well, here goes. Football has the Champions League, Golf has the Masters and greyhound racing has the Greyhound Derby. Over 150 greyhounds will take their place this weekend in the search for the £150,000 1st prize and a chance to appear in the record books. I have virtually been to all the derby’s in the last 10 years and have seen the greats like Westmead Hawk, Loyal Honcho and Taylors Sky claim the trophy.

This is my 3rd derby preview. Two years ago I tipped Razldazl George 33/1 E/W and Barefoot Bullet 66/1 E/W - both made it to the final and even though not winning the final itself, the E/W terms got us a nice return. Last year I advised Blonde Snapper at 66/1, who made all in the final to really make 2012 a great year.

This year’s derby, in my opinion is the best for 10 years. 28 Irish hounds have crossed the water to take the English on and they could have a strong hand throughout. Ballymac Eske goes off favourite. I have never tipped a derby favourite on my blog and I won’t start now. Eske is a fantastic hound, but it will be interesting to see what happens when he doesn’t get his own way and the 6-1 on offer is too short now.

My aim for this derby is to get a couple of nice price greyhounds to the final so we can have a nice e/w term pick-up and a chance at a full pick-up.

This year I am laying out 10pts here we go


Lemon Pluto is actually not my type of dog, as it is likely he will need to lead to win his races , but he possesses tremendous pace to the bend and due to the size of him will be very hard to past once on bunny. I can see him going a long way and is a dog you could trade out of once hitting a lower price.


OMG you have to watch this greyhound’s pace when he finishes, And I can’t believe the 125/1 on offer, He is nuts!! and will be very hard to knock out. He will have to do it the hard way but for me this is the bet of the derby at such a large price just watch his last two races below and make your own mind up. I would love him to break last in every round so that he avoids 1st bend trouble.


A dog who is rarely out the frame at Coventry and destroyed a good class field a couple of months back, Wimbledon could be a worry and his lack of recent runs won’t help his cause but if he can blow away the cobwebs sooner rather than later, his quirky nature could see him through to the later stages and the lack of wide runners will help his cause.


My friend Kevin Hutton trains this lovely hound, This year’s derby sees a massive lack of decent wide strong runners so hopefully screen critic can keep qualifying, He came 2nd in the Arc after running a stormer behind Shaneboy Alley and looks like a hound who won’t throw in the towel if not leading. Got some 100/1 & 66/1 a month back but the 50/1 is still worth an E/W play. GOOD LUCK KEVIN


To think this is probably Marks Wallis’ best chance and he is 100/1. Was only just beat at Hove over 515 in the final against Ballymac Eske and will suit Wimbledon to a tee. Will need to use his pace early on as can’t afford a missed break.


I think this dog could come right. He has no early pace at all but finishes like a train. He is unlikely to win the final but 50/1 to make the final is too big and is worth a small play e/w.

Good luck to everyone

Update On P&L

Update On P&L

11 Tips this year 

2013  P&L UPDATE


11 Tips

7 Winners

63.6% Strike Rate

Advised PT P&L +18.75

Level Stakes to £1 = + £16.25